Personal Pronouns Practice

3 Types of personal pronouns:
(1) the speaker or speakers (first person)
(2) those spoken to (second person)
(3) those spoken about (third person)
Personal pronouns can be singular (one) or plural (two or more) just as verbs and nouns.
Identify the type of pronoun.
1. ourselves________________________
2. yours_______________________
3. he__________________________
4. I___________________________
5. you_________________________
6. him_________________________
7. yourself______________________
8. my__________________________
9. herself_______________________
10. his_________________________
11. themselves__________________
12. your________________________
13. himself_____________________
14. yourselves___________________
15. her_________________________
16. it___________________________
17. hers________________________
18. she_________________________
19. its__________________________
20. mine________________________
21. itself________________________
22. myself______________________
23. we_________________________
24. they________________________
25. me_________________________
26. our_________________________
27. their________________________
28. them_______________________
29. ours________________________
30. theirs_______________________
31. us_________________________


1. speakers, first person
2. those spoken to, second person
3. those spoken about, third person
4. speaker, first person
5. those spoken to, second person
6. those spoken about, third person
7. those spoken to, second person
8. speaker, first person
9. those spoken about, third person
10.those spoken about, third person
11.those spoken about, third person
12.those spoken to, second person
13.those spoken about, third person
14.those spoken to, second person
15.those spoken about, third person
16.those spoken about, third person
17.those spoken about, third person
18.those spoken about, third person
19.those spoken about, third person
20.speaker, first person
21.those spoken about, third person
22. speaker, first person
23. speakers, first person
24. those spoken about, third person
25. speaker, first person
26. speakers, first person
27. those spoken about, third person
28. those spoken about, third person
29. speakers, first person
30. those spoken about, third person
31. speakers, first person
1) the speaker or speakers, which is called first person, and include the following pronouns: I, my, mine, me, myself, we, our, ours, us, ourselves
(2) those spoken to, which is called second person, and include the following pronouns: you, your, yours, yourself, yourselves
(3) those spoken about, which is called third person, and includes the following pronouns: he, his, him, himself, she, her, hers, herself, it, its, itself, they, their, theirs, them, themselves.

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