The Art of Self-Discipline~Sermon 1

Here are some notes I took as I listened to the first installment of John MacArthur’s sermon series, The Art of Self-discipline.
How To Be a Self-Disciplined Person
1. Begin with small things. Learn to discipline yourself in the little things in life. Little things of life make for the big things. Your integrity and word can be strengthened beginning with the small details of life.
2. Clean your environment. Get rid of all that stuff. Clean your house, room or garage. Be discontent with a mess. Desire ordliness. Simplify your life. Get rid of excess. Keep environment clean and clear to avoid extra distractions.
3. Make a schedule. Learn to conform to it. Anticipate and establish time frames.
4. Wean yourself away from being entertained. Let entertainment be arbitrary, you can take it or leave it. Be more productive with your time. Watch less TV, instead, read or take a walk.
5. Be on time. Order your little universe and preplan. Very important. Even in small or insignificant things.
6. Keep your word, even in the littlest things. Your word is so important. Make commitments and see them through. It might be in the smallest things. Don’t make promises you do not keep.
7. Always do the hardest tasks first. Most people do the easiest things first. Whatever is most difficult, do first. Most people save the toughest for last. And then, they may be too tired
8. Finish what you start. If you start it finish it.
9. Practicle self-denial. Just say to you self, “Self you can say, ‘No!'” Do not be completely at the whim of your impulse.
10. Volunteer for tasks. Leave some space in your life and in your agenda and take on opportuntity to help out. Subject yourself that really isn’t a part of your own agenda.

Self-discipline As A Christian:
Why do I need to be self-disciplined as a Christian? (Who really cares?) 1 Peter 1:13~Pull in all the loose ends of your thinking. Be clear minded and understanding priorities. The mind needs to be clear and exercise self-control. Sort out what really matters in your mind. 1 Thessalonians 5. Be alert and understand your priorities. Have spiritual steadfastness and balanced priorities instead of the whimsical following of emotions.1 Peter 5:8~Get your priorities right. Be alert of wrong influences.
Internal priorities that will make us a spiritually self-disciplined person
1. Remember who owns you as a Christian. Your thinking will someday become actions. Christians do not own themselves. This goes against modern American thinking. Everything in our society is self-centered. Bible says, You are not in charge of you. You are a bondservant of Christ.
1. We are children of God
2. We are a bondservant of Christ
1 Corinthians 6:19
Galatians 3:13
God purchased all Christians through Jesus’ crucifixion on the cross.
Phrase to remind children: “You lack self-control.”

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