Lesson 5~Parts of Speech-Verbs

Some of the helping verbs can be used alone as the main verb.
Is, am, are, was, and were can be used alone as linking or state of being verbs.
Has, have, had, do, does, and did always show action when used alone.
Be, being, and been can be used with other verbs either to show action or state of being.
The other helping verbs cannot be used alone but only as helping verbs.
Find the verb or verb phrases in these sentences.
She has too many friends.
You do beautiful work.
I was in Canada last week.
You are being very stubborn.
The verb and verb phrases were has, do, was, and are being. Has and do are action verbs, and was and are being are state of being verbs.
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Write the verb or verbs in each sentence.
1. Tom paddled the canoe.
2. Miki had a good idea.
3. The doctor is here.
4. The neighbors have a new car.
5. The girls have finished their work.
6. We had been playing the piano.
7. Ann caught the ball.
8. Jim remembered the story.
9. The test seemed easy.
10. Bill is a talented painter.
11. Sue is dancing in the marathon.
12. The scouts were gathering driftwood.
13. He was being stubborn.

1. paddled
2. had
3. is
4. have
5. have finished
6. had been playing
7. caught
8. remembered
9. seemed
10. is
11. is dancing
12. were gathering
13. was being

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