Sunrise of 10.29.07

A solid bright orange rests upon the crowns of the trees bordering the horizon. There’s a misty fog appearance along the edge. Maybe this is characteristic of Autumn sunrises. It looks near to the same as yesterday. The sky is cloudless.

There is no wind this morning just like the afternoon yesterday. The trees are still. It always seems to get stronger sweeping past our home. When you stand on the front porch it will hit you in the face. I’m glad it’s not coming from the North. This strong South wind feels great in the summer.
There is a quietness and stillness to the morning. It’s 7:18 and I could hear the Interstate in the distance awakening and is now full of vehicles and even the side road a bit of a distance from me is filling with people starting the new work week.
I love nature. Modern things get in the way of the quiet beauty of God. But that’s okay. I’m glad for all the minds that came together to make them.

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