Lesson 4~Verbs

Here is Lesson 4 from Mr. Johanson
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Parts of Speech – Verbs
Sometimes a verb can be more than one word. When a verb is more than one word, it is called a verb phrase. Verb phrases can be two, three, or four words. Verb phrases are made by using auxiliary or helping verbs. What are the verb phrases in these sentences?
You are going to Seattle.
You have been resting too much.
We must be early.
I will be finished shortly.
The verb phrases are are going, have been resting, must be, and will be finished. These sentences all have what are called auxiliary or helping verbs. I will refer to them as helping verbs. There are twenty-three (23) helping verbs that should be memorized since they are used so often. If you memorize them, it will make knowing and understanding verbs much easier. They are usually grouped in the following five groups:
Group 1: is, am, are, was, were, be, being, been
Group 2: has, have, had
Group 3: do, does, did
Group 4: shall, will, should, would
Group 5: may, might, must, can, could
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More Practice
1. No one can explain the exact formation of snowflakes.
2. A snowflake might begin as an uncomplicated shape.
3. Eventually it will look like crystal.
4. Its growth could be caused by a slight push.
5. It will grow even more with a second push.
6. One scientist has been working on a theory.
7. This scientist might be solving the snowflake mystery.
8. A computer is being used in the scientist’s work.
9. He has written many mathematical formulas.
10. The formulas have been fed into the computer.
1. Historians have written about Nathan Hale’s bravery.
2. He was serving in the army during the American Revolution.
3. Later, he would become a spy.
4. He was captured by British soldiers and was sentenced to die.
5. We should remember him as a hero.
Developing Writing Skills: Writing Sentences with Helping Verbs. Write five sentences explaining something you like to do at home or at school. Use helping verbs in each sentence.
1. can explain
2. might begin
3. will look
4. could be caused
5. will grow
6. has been working
7. might be solving
8. is being used
9. has written
10. have been fed
1. have written
2. was serving
3. would become
4. was captured
was sentenced
5. should remember
Taken from Grammar and Composition Grade 6; Gary Forlini; Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1987.

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