Math Websites

“Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe.” — Galileo Galilei
Here are some good websites to help learn math that a teacher I helped found for her students:
1. AAA Math— lists many areas of math and has lesson that can be done online as fill in the blank
2. GoMath— This is a site that can help you learn the fundamentals of algebra, geometry and physics
3. FunBrain— This site is full of color and offers fun ways to learn math.
4. moneyopolis— This website helps 6th through 8th graders play video games to learn math (you have to sign up)
5.— The student can learn about logic, word problems. There are tutorial videos also.
6. Purple Math— Goes into detail about algebra
7.— Another site to help with algebra
8.— interactive math games
9.— This is an entertaining site filled with all kinds of booklearning
10. CoolMath–This is a vivid colored interactive site kids needs to take several hours to sort through

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