Voice of the Martyrs

Do you happen to have extra money or time you need to use more wisely?
An attitude of trust and faith in God are in the forefront of many modern Christians in other countries. In countries where Christianity is illegal and if you have a Bible or tell others of Christ, you could go to prison, your family could be punished, you could be beaten or monetarily punished.
There is a website of an organization called Voice of the Martyrs. It has a museum and its headquarters are located in Bartlesville Oklahoma.
Here is a list of projects that are ongoing through this ministry:

Action Packs– You can order a bag for $5 and fill it with items that are beneficial to families in Pakistan, Sudan and Iraq.
VOMedical– Provides medical attention to persecuted Christians in Sudan and Pakistan.
Blankets of Love– Provides blankets to Sudanese refugees
Indonesion and Sudan Lifepacks– Provides the basic necessities of life for refugees in the harsh conditions of the Sudanese bush or the Indonesian jungle.
Families of Martyrs Fund– This fund is used to help sustain families of believers “bread winners” who have been martyred/imprisoned until the family can find alternative means of support.
Pastor Support Program– Many of the ministers in restricted countries, who are working to spread the Gospel, can barely earn enough money to sustain life for their family, a donation of $25 a month greatly helps them.
Bibles to Captive Nation Funds– Christians of restricted nations are provided with Bibles printed in their own language and smuggled to them.

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