Learning Prepositions

Do you remember the list of prepositional words that start prepositional phrases? Well, here are a few websties that teach about them.
Quia website has a game to teach prepositions.
Teaching Ideas— this site has three games for younger learners

Pumpkin and Company— For young learners play a game about a cat and a box and then take a quiz.
You Should Never End a Sentence with a Preposition— This article discusses why.
Wide World Of Prepositions— This site has a information, a song and a quiz about prepositions.
Here is a list of common prepositions and phrases they are in:
to– to the store
with– with my friend
against– against the wind
for– for a donut
by– by myself
under– under a rock
through– through the tunnel
of– of the assignment
in– in my opinion
until– until tomorrow
out– out the door
during– during the storm
after– after school
between– between you and me
toward– toward the car
near– near the hotel
from– from the doctor
without– without my permission
above– above his head
at– at the bridge

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