All My Lovin’ By Paul McCartney

This is my favorite Beatle’s song. Check this out. Paul McCartney voice is still strong after so long. The crowd goes wild in both videos. It’s just there’s a wider age range in the first.
In 2002:

38 years earlier! Amazing!

My husband sent all his lovin’ to me when we dated/engaged just like in the song. I have a binder notebook that is over an inch thick. He must have written me everyday because when I would get his letters they would average around eight pages! We knew the maximum amount of pages you could get with one stamp of postage!
He went to seminary in Texas while I went to NSU in Oklahoma. That was over 16 years ago. For the most part we didn’t learn about each other by being around each other. We learned about each other by describing the many details of our lives through pen and paper.

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