Lucky the Turtle

There has been alot of rain this month. For some reason when it rains it makes the turtles in ponds near our house come out. A kid found a baby turtle alongside our little paved neighborhood road near a dumpster. The kid gave it to my son Benjamin. The kid thought Lucky would be a good name so it stuck.

Benjamin showed Lucky to my husband and we decided to keep him. At first we found some generic container to put him in. It was a plastic CD holder that had a lid. Lucky is small. His shell is about the size of a quarter. So the CD holder as temporary housing worked okay. Then my husband took our children to Wal-Mart. There they found a small aquarium with a filter system for about $10. Jonathan and Benjamin each paid $5 and my husband bought the rocks for $4.
Lucky is the cutest turtle I think I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t weigh much so if he doesn’t try to pull himself down he will float to the top of the aquarium like a piece of peanut styrofoam! He’ll make you smile as you watch him frantically wiggle his tiny legs just like he’s going to dig his way right out of the glass to the outside!
Danny bought some tiny goldfish from Wal-Mart and put them in Lucky’s tank. Their diameter was about half the size of Lucky’s head but he intently pursued them until he had eaten four of them. I asked Benjamin about his fish eating habits. The first one he ate whole. The second one he ate tail first. The third one he bit in the middle and then quickly ate the two outer parts. Benjamin doesn’t recollect how the fourth one was eaten.
Lucky’s tank sits next to our other turtle. His name is Henry. We’ve had Henry about 2 years. We found him the same way. Henry is well-adapted to humans. At first we put Lucky in Henry’s tank but when he snapped at the little guy we quickly removed him.

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