Wisdom In Teaching

When I went to Northeastern State University to get my teaching degree, one day as I was driving down main street, I started thinking about knowledge. It’s a great thing to be on a college campus where you’re surrounded by people who love and know many interesting things.

I started thinking about the definition of wisdom. Was I getting wisdom from this university where I was studying to teach children? Then I said a prayer, “God, give me wisdom like the wisdom of Solomon.” I wanted to be smart like Solomon since the Bible says he was the wisest man of all.
It’s been over 15 years since I prayed that but I remember it vividly. Now I realize Solomon’s wisdom was founded in psychology, studying personalities and learning human nature. I couldn’t get this type of wisdom in book study I had to get this through dealing with people and “living life” experience. Knowing the psychology of a situation in a classroom can give the teacher an edge when teaching her students.
“We learn not in the school, but in life.”
-Lucius Seneca

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