Coffee and Stained Teeth

This morning on my way to my son’s junior high Sunday school class my family dentist from before I was married was politely holding the door open for those passing through. It just so happened that a question had popped in my head during the past week that I really wanted to ask him. So I did just that.

I asked him if he drank coffee. (I was hoping this was an okay question to ask him.) He kindly responded and then didn’t mind if I asked him a little more. He said he drank a cup every morning. He then told me you can regularly maintain white teeth by buying over the counter whiteners from Wal-mart. He recommended Crest whitening strips. I asked him if he thought coffee stained your teeth all the way through. He said no just on the surface.
I was glad for the advice. Dr. Maltsberger was my dentist while I wore braces on my teeth for three years. I must also say he took care of our entire (large) family while we were growing up. He would not charge my mother after my dad died because according to the Bible, God wants us to take care of widows.

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