Locks Of Love

I got my hair cut last night. Ginny went with me. We went to Ulta near 71st and Highway 169 in Tulsa. A man named Scott cut my hair. He did nice work. The two times that I have got my hair cut at Ulta for Locks of Love it seems they take their time and do a good job. As he cut my hair we talked. He graduated from the same high school my husband went to (the high school of the town we live in now). He used to be in a band as the drummer for 15 years. The band was having some real success. They opened for Richard Marx and some other famous names. They even had their own performances with a lead in band.

I thoroughly enjoyed talking to him about music. We talked about songs on the radio during the early eighties. He told me that the Eagles used to be Linda Ronstadt’s band called Stone Pony before they became the Eagles.
I was glad to get my hair cut and enjoyed the chat. I have a before and after picture I will post soon.

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