Tuesday April 3

I’m so glad to tell you I got my license to teach in the mail yesterday. I spent last night filling out an application for Broken Arrow schools.
I’m mad at myself though. I just don’t want to get myself down. I did an embarrassing job during my interview last week. I got too honest and talked my self down. I need to remember you can be honest without saying anything. I try hard to be honest and real to people. I’ve known two of those giving the interview for several years. I was not nervous. My first wrong move was just straight out telling them I was working toward becoming a teacher in the fall. I don’t want to lie. One or two salary people spoke of my positive qualities but then during the interview, I’d say, “To be honest . . . and then I’d shoot myself in the foot. I’m embarrassed. I would have definitely got it if they would have just allowed me to move there because of my high score. And then I would have done just fine learning the new job but during the interview I told them my intellect is not as high as most so it takes me a little longer to learn a job but once I learn I have it down well. I also didn’t stress how important quality is. I should have thoroughly explained how I understand that quality in our ranges is the foundation of what we do. Instead I probably sounded like some one who just wanted to make some new friends.
All of this frustrates me. Most of all I just gotta do perfect for my teaching interviews I put in for. I’ve got to get a teaching job.
I guess my current job has a fool proof way of weeding out those not qualified . . . not.

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