Stale Bread Syndrome

Working 10 years on my job I’ve met a few people who have stale bread syndrome. This is a person who has given up on a full active life.

It’s seems they have just resigned themselves to doing a dead end assembly job until they retire. Their time away from work is mostly spent on watching TV in a recliner. They usually eat out a couple of times on the weekend and do odds and ends around the house for minimum upkeep. These people are like stale bread and have a few common characteristics:
Cold, they have a cold personality. You may try to smile at them but in return you just get a solemn facial expression the screams, “Go away!”
Hard, They stubbornly intend to avoid any change in work routines. If a change does occur there will be much complaining.
Dry, Their sense of humor is very dry. You might try to make them laugh just for the challenge of it but in the end your jokes will never be good enough.
Old, They grow old faster since they rarely ever learn anything new.

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