Rebecca Wright and Eating Healthy

Registered Dietician Rebecca (Becky) Wright is a name I want to remember. I’ve only seen her three times (about once a year) on television. Each time I’ve seen her, she has been on our local Tulsa Comunity College station. She’s giving a lecture on fighting cancer with a healthy diet.

She talks to the class like they’re a patient sitting across from her at her desk. She’s very knowledgable. She works at (at least she did in 2004 when the broadcast was made) Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa across from Oral Roberts University. She mentions she studied to become a veterinarian before she was a dietician. I can relate to her passion for studying healthy eating.
Her lecture was half finished when I tuned in but I just had to take some notes!:
White sugar feeds cancer.
In order to fight cancer you must feed your immune system.
Sugar pulls down immune function. It also negates the benefits of Vitamin C.
Vitamin C helps turn on your immune system. Good vitamin C (containing Rose Hips) is an antioxidant and is also involved in collagen synthesis in the skin. I work with a lady at work who takes 3000 mg a day (3 pills). This is much higher than the USDA’s recommendation but still safe.
When in doubt eat broccoli. Broccoli is filled with many different vitamins and minerals. When broccoli and other fruits and vegetables are cooked in water the water pulls the vitamins and minerals out. Raw or Steamed (but not limp) broccoli is best, with butter and salt, not cheese. I put broccoli in tabouli and the (very healthy) olive oil will make it less crunchy.
The mineral Zinc also strengthens your immune system. It is found in meats, pumpkin seeds and Brazil nuts.
In Japan, it was discovered that certain types of mushrooms help fight against cancer cells. Shitake and Maitake mushrooms are examples. They contain something called Beta Glucan. Beta Glucan can also be bought as an extract.
Rebecca says it is good to eat from each of the 10 super food groups each day. The power food groups I found on the food network could be used to try what she suggests.
Dark chocolate is another excellent source of antioxidants. In order for the chocolate to have a good amount of antioxidants it should contain over 60% cacoa. Sometimes the front of the package will advertise the percentage.
Ellagic Acid is found in berries such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and cranberries. The dietician gave a description of how the ellagic acid works on a cancer cell. When a cell gets bad it naturally implodes. In cancer cells a strong barrier inside the cell prevents it from committing “cell suicide” thus it stays alive and continues to grow improperly. The ellagic acid breaks down the strong barrier inside the cancer cell.
It is very hard to give a vegetarian cancer.
Vegetables need to be eaten in large amounts to fight cancer. Rebecca gave a good–better–best rule.
canned vegetable
soups, cream of broccoli
Frozen foods
fresh from the grocery store
grow your own garden
get rich and buy organic food from Akin’s!
She also gave two other rules:
80/20 rule— Eat pretty good most of the time but splurge around special occasions.
90/10 rule— This is what she uses with her patients who need to strengthen their immune system. Focus on extra healthy eating. Cook with olive oil. Use whole grains like brown rice and oats. Buy whole wheat bread. Eat mostly vegetables and then fruits. The brightest vegetables have more benefit.
Recommended books:
Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy by John Boik
Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillin

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