Dottie and Elvis

I love it when I hear a great story. Today as I sat next to Dottie she told me one.
Dottie and her parents lived in California in the late 1960’s. They decided to go on a trip to Pennsylvania to visit family. On the way, her parents wanted to stop in Las Vegas.

When they found a casino, Dottie had to stay outside since she was only 10 years old, while her father went in first and gambled for two hours and her mother stayed with her. Then it was time for her parents to switch. When her Dad kept her he didn’t keep a close watch. Dottie got distracted and then thought she saw him walking away so she followed him.
But it wasn’t her dad. It was a stranger and now she was lost. She was in a hall and started to cry. Then another man walked around the corner and asked if she was okay. She told him she couldn’t find her parents. The man talked with her and then called security so they could help. She wasn’t afraid of him and calmed down. He also sat her on his lap and another man that was with him gave her a white handkerchief to wipe away her tears.
After a short while Dottie’s parents came to her. She was glad to see them. Her parents talked to the man for a short time and then Dottie realized who he was and she said, “Oh, I know who you are, you’re that entertainer my brothers listen to!” It was Elvis Presley! Dottie, at that time, said she wasn’t excited about seeing him because she didn’t listen to his music. Her mom and dad weren’t overwhelmingly impressed either because her mother considered “that kind of music, blasphemous.” And her dad just didn’t think much of the occurrence.
Dottie says a few years later she realized who Elvis was and started listening to his music. She also realized she had an upclose real meeting with King of Rock and Roll.
I love this irony about the story, Dottie wanted to see her parents more than she wanted to see a superstar. I think Elvis probably enjoyed just being normal for a bit of time and giving help to someone who needed it.

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