New Year’s Resolution: Better Parent & Exercise

Maybe you’re still not inspired to make a new year’s resolution to better yourself. This morning I just had to revisit my mostest favoritest video on YouTube. It inspires me every time, puts a little guilt on me and makes me “just do it.” Watch for yourself (again) the CAN video from the Hoyt Team:

Just like the song, I love to imagine the day when (the now 110 pound) Rick faces Jesus instantaneously after death and he stands and he dances because his heart overflows with joy. But in this life on earth, Rick’s heart can overflow with joy because his 66 year old dad steps in and dances for Rick in the forms of marathon, triathalon and ironman endurance. And then of course, because it just works this way, Dick’s heart everyday must overflow with great joy, maybe even moreso than his son.
Hey, as parents we could all start early preparing for Father’s/Mother’s Day. I have to admit, I can sure get selfish rather than selfless to my children when I’m grumpy from a frustrating time at work.
Here’s another video the has surfaced on YouTube giving some more info about the father/son team:

Hope you have an excellent Father’s Day this year!!!!

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