Daily Proverbs

Lately, I’ve been reading from the book of Proverbs. It has 31 chapters. Some which were written by King Solomon. I go to a site called Heartlight. There is a “search for” box where I type in the Proverb I want and then choose the “in the Bible” from the three choices available.

There I can listen to it audibly or just read it for myself. I’ve been reading the one for the day aloud to my family. Our church recommends using only four of all the different versions of the Bible out there: King James Version, New King James version, New International Version, and New American Standard. I use the New King James Version.
Memorizing one verse a week is a great thing to do to help your thought life. If you read Proverbs 22 for today you could go through and easily find a good verse to memorize for the week.
Our pastor told of a man named Howard Smith who was in his 90’s. The pastor came to visit because Mr. Smith was close to death as his wife was nearby. He was in a comatose state of drifting in and out of consciousness. Mr. Smith had become a Christian late in life, in his sixties. He decided in order to make up for all the years he’d missed of Christian growth he would memorize a verse a week.
Our pastor picked up the well worn Bible of the elderly man and began flipping through it. His Bible was old and nearly falling apart. On just about any page the pastor would turn to there was writing in the margins and underlined verses. The pastor began to read out loud from a passage. The feeble elderly man spoke the words along with him. Then he decided to skip a verse just to see what would happen. The old man continued reciting correctly the passage.
I love that story. This man was leaving a legacy while on his death bed that the Bible is worth memorizing. It is a very good thing to fill your mind with the things of God every day and constantly since we are continually being bombarded with inappropriate information through TV, radio and the internet and even just wrong things that go on around us.
Once in a sermon our pastor brought out an important detail I had not thought about. When Satan himself tempted Jesus to sin for 40 days in the book of Matthew, Jesus would always come back with words written in the holy scriptures. One of those times He said, “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God.” That says to me that a Christian’s life should be seriously focused on filling their lifetime with memorizing verses from the Bible.

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