An Unexpected Opportunity :)

Last Monday when I went to work I was so frustrated. In fact, I got mad. I wanted to just quit struggling to keep up with the seemingly endless flow of cooking ranges we make for our customers. I was tired of being an assembly line worker. I got especially sick and tired of the job when I saw our new team leaders.

None of them were very familiar with our line and were sort of wandering around figuring out how things work. I thought, “Darn, I know this line I could do their job.” I just didn’t try out for the job because I wanted to work in a range testing area called RACAL IF such a position were to come available. I also thought there might possibly be a teaching position open at the school where I’m starting to substitute teach. I got so mad I wanted to cry but I knew it was my own dumb mistake for not applying for a team leader job.
I know being a team leader will get more difficult as the months go by. I figured I just didn’t want to mess with being in a leadership spot. There also comes stress with such challenges but it would be an opportunity for me to learn to control and handle it as I see it coming. As I watched the team leaders all this past week, I started realizing that I would miss the people on this team if I went to RACAL. Then the unexpected happened on Thursday. One of the new team leaders is moving to a leadership position in the materials/parts area of our manufacturing plant.
This is exciting news for me. I want his team leader position. If it is posted I’m going to try to get it. Sometimes I have problems with procrastination. I’m just glad there is a chance now. I just don’t want to put extra wear and tear on my left wrist as a ranger so that I end up having to have surgery or arthritis for the rest of my life or get stuck in one little work area where my brain will get bored and flabby from little exercise.

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