Waiting In The Hospital

Danny is still in the hospital. The medical staff wants to run a few more tests but they aren’t staffed to do it on the weekend. They also told Danny as long as he is on pain medication they want him in the hospital. He hasn’t had the surgery yet since they need to run the tests first. They plan to send him home Monday. The surgery will be laproscopic and will only require four small incisions. It will be an outpatient surgery and there will hardly be any scarring.

The other day when Dr. Nightingale came in Danny made a funny comment to him (but the doctor didn’t laugh) When the doctor talked about removing the gall bladder, Danny said he wondered if the gall bladder fairy will come and leave him money if he puts it under his pillow. Then he said he probably wouldn’t want any money after all, just a new pillow since his gall bladder was under it! I guess it doesn’t take much to make me laugh. I liked his joke.
Last night my four children and I visited Danny and watched the movie, Farris Bueler’s day off. After we left and on the way home I heard some sniffling in the back seat. It was Jonathan, my 12 year old. I asked him if he was okay. Benjamin, his younger brother, said to just leave him alone. I said, “No. I’m not going to leave you alone if you’re crying. We need to talk about it.” I told them that their daddy was staying in the hospital so he won’t have pain and they’ll take good care of him. I told all four of my children that it’s okay if they cry because they wish their daddy was coming home with us. After I told everybody that I got the impression that they were calmer.
I felt like I was futuristic today. I called Danny on my cell phone. While I was talking he got on our laptop that he had with him in the hospital room. The laptop has access to our home computer. Our home computer is hooked up to an X-10 camera. While I talked with him he saw me as I spoke! (BTW, we don’t use our little camera inappropriately. I can’t believe you were thinking that!) I couldn’t see Danny but he saw me and Samuel!
While I’ve been blogging all of this to you, I’ve been sitting next to Danny in his hospital bed as he watches “Enemy of the State” with Will Smith. Danny suggested I write a blog now. He says that’s the privilege of being a blogger. 🙂 Since it’s almost 9pm, I’m thinking visiting hours will be over real soon and I’ve got to get home to my children to make sure we’ll be ready for church in the morning.

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