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What do a German composer from the 1700’s named Johann Pachelbel and a modern day music arranger named Jerry C. have in common? Well, they can relate to a 19 year old guitarist named Funtwo when it comes to music. Have you ever check out the website, YouTube? You should, it’s a place where they show tons of videos sent in from people all over the world.

I want you to see this video. The only image you see through the entire time is a young man wearing a ball cap with his head bent low focused on his fingers playing out a melody on his electric guitar. The beginning of the music grabs your attention because it is slow, gentle and almost mournful. Then the solemnness of an orchestra playing a classical piece is joined by the gentle cry of the guy’s electric guitar and then an explosion occurs! And you hear the confident strong powerhouse sound of the guitar backed up with drums take over.
As he played his fingers seem to fill with magic and then you just wanna get up and dance. So that’s just what I did when I listened to the video for the second time. I grabbed my little girl’s arms and we danced all around. We danced as we laughed together while we would spin and swing our arms or whatever other move we could quickly think of. We just had to do something because the music just makes you wanna get involved in it’s impassioned excitment. The fast moving sound of the electric guitar could instantly change the emotion of a moment of quietness to excitement. You could say the music could take you on an emotional roller coaster but that’s okay because its all just for fun. But that’s what I loved about this video even the first time I saw it, I mean experienced it 🙂
Last time I checked the video had been viewed by 7,126,940 people!

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  1. pedro castilla

    September 14, 2006 at 8:29 am

    You expressed faithfully mi emotions. Pachelbel has exactly 300 years dead, but I am sure that, wherever is he now, he must be dancing this crazy and beautiful rock version of his Canon in D.

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