Gifts of God

Things to do

God gives everybody time to fill. The Bible talks of “redeeming the time” and we’ve all heard that we should “seize the day”. Staying productive in life is important to “having lived a full life”– as a satisfied 90-year old person might say.

Then there is energy. We all have a certain amount of energy. It seems to me that the most successful people, such as those who lead, have been blessed with more energy. Then I’ve seen others who find their identity and purpose in life through their accomplishments and have learned to continuously stay busy whether they are tired or not. Then there are those who get enough rest or even overrest. They do not use their energy and it lessens after years of inactivity. They end up wasting their days, months and even years through laziness and/or non-productive activities.
God places in everybody’s lives things to do. For instance, God has placed four children in my life to care for and prepare for adulthood. He has also placed in my life the responsibility of keeping my home organized, pleasant and useful for daily living.
Finally, there is attitude. Attitude is like the spice that will season the three other ingredients in this recipe. The wrong bitter spice could totally ruin the whole recipe but the right amount of the very best spice we have, can make a dish that will bring enjoyment to all who taste. For instance, after being a mother for almost 14 years I know my attitude has thoroughly influenced the atmosphere of my home and has shaped my children’s attitudes. I should also constantly have an attitude to take on challenges, knowing I must take the good with the bad. Having the attitude that there are always solutions to the problems I face. Years of such positive attitudes help us to grow and continuously gain knowledge.
I’ve come to the conclusion, that when I wake up in the morning I must remember to check my attitude and prepare for a productive organized day. I must always remember my children love me and I am so glad that they are all around me and I have opportunity to work with them and impress upon them the good things of life. I must also remember someday around ten years from now they will be gone. Our home will not be thoroughly filled with their sounds of words, laughter and frustrations. My mark upon their life will be branded in as a part of their personality.
Time, energy, and things to do are gifts from God. Surely, if I accept and know that these must all work together then I am on my way to the abundant life that Jesus promised me in the Bible as His follower. Of course, my attitude is what I choose. I must realize my duties and be glad for them.

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