Happy Father’s Day 2006

First of all, I hope all the Dad’s and their families who read this blog have an excellent Father’s Day and make some excellent memories with their loved ones all around.
I want to wish my husband the happiest Father’s Day yet! He’s got qualities that make him a good example for our children. (Some are obvious.)
We have no beer or liquor around because he doesn’t drink.
He has no tattoos or piercings.
He doesn’t cuss.
He has never smoked.
He doesn’t gamble our money at the huge casino down the street.
He takes us to church on Sundays.
He provides for us by making money on the internet.
He’s interesting and we can talk about anything.
He answers our children’s questions in the most honest factual ways.
He has been fixing me breakfast in bed for about 2 years now.
He takes care of all our car problems.
He is firm in disciplining our children when necessary.
He teaches our children.
He reads classic books to our family.
I thank God for my husband, Danny. Life would be much more difficult without him.

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