Dylan’s Graduation

My nephew, Dylan graduated Saturday, May 26 from Bartlesville High School in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. There were 417 graduates in his class. They wore royal blue robes as they walked to their seat while the band played Pomp and Circumstance. They were seated in alphabetical order so Dylan was in the latter half. I’m glad my nephew is 6’3″. He was easy to see from our seating high in the stadium. His fair skin and a bit of his red hair underneath his graduation cap also help distinguish him from the rest.

Danny and I and our four children arrived about 45 minutes before the starting time of 8pm. We parked far away and when we got to the stadium it was mostly packed. I’m glad Danny’s family spaced themselves out reserving the six of us a seat.
I liked having the graduation outside in the late evening. The grass on the football was perfectly lush and green. And as the night darkened the stadium lights met their que and lit up the ceremony very well. Two young ladies who were graduating sang solos. Danny was impressed with the first. He said she had an incredible voice.
Dylan who has worked hard in his studies was a member of the National Honor Society. He wore a white satin stolle (a large long v-shaped collar) which bore the organization’s emblem. To the best of my memory you must keep a 3.5 or higher average during your high school years in order to be a member of the NHS. Dylan was also recognized for the honor’s classes he took in math. I too, wore an NHS stolle in my graduation ceremony about 20 years ago and it bore the same exact symbol as Dylan’s.
The longest segment of the ceremony is the reading of the names. As the names were read teachers were seated along the outside of the rows. The class members still managed to do a prank. Some of them smuggled beach balls in under their robes. They also managed to blow them up somehow. Sporatically, through the role call you would see beach balls bounce around over their heads until one of the teachers would manage to get to it and then put it under their chair.
At the end of the ceremony they set off fireworks. We all considered that a nice touch.
After graduating we met Dylan by the north football goal. We all took turns getting our picture taken with him. I thought it was neat to see Dylan give his Mom, Tanya, a hug first thing before everyone started chatting and taking pictures.
Next year Dylan plans to go to Rogers State University and stay with his Grandpa who lives nearby. God blessed Tanya and Tim, when He gave them a good kid like Dylan who has now become a young man.

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