Mother’s Day 2006

I had a nice Mother’s Day. I told Danny he didn’t have to get extravagant because honestly, then I would feel guilty if I didn’t get extravagant for him on Father’s Day. So he bought me a card that everyone signed and some chocolate candy. Benjamin and I took a walk. Samuel made me a card with a cartoon character on it. Jonathan bought me some cappucino from Quick Trip for Mother’s Day morning. Ginny bought me a keyring with a dangling puffy silver heart. They all gave me hugs on Mother’s Day morning. All of it was nice.
But I also had a small unexpected gift from Ginny. She made me a card in Sunday school. It was made of pink construction paper in the shape of a tea kettle. Inside was a type written poem which read:

Here’s a gift for Mother’s Day
I’ll try me best in every way.
But when you get upset with me,
Pray– and have a cup of tea.
The poem was written on a teacup made into a pocket. Inside the pocket was a package of orange spice tea named Constant Comments. Ginny said it was the teacher’s favorite.
My eight year old daughter, who loves art, filled the card with her personal touch. On the front she wrote “Happy Mother’s Day and I love you. Then she put colored hearts all over. In the inside she wrote, “You are the Best mom any child could ever have. even thou you think you are not good house keeper.”
Then underneath the poem she wrote “Love Ginny, Love your Special lillel Girl” and then on the very back, “good bye Love Ginny”
I’m glad I went to church with my family on Mother’s Day. I was glad to stand with the other mother’s in the congregation and be recognized as the mother of mine, Samuel, Jonathan, Benjamin and Ginny.

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