Crystal Graduates

On Friday, May 5, at 7:30 pm my mom, my daughter and I attended a graduation. It was for my neice Crystal. She graduated from Tulsa Community College at the Maybee Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She graduated with a class of about 1000. It was the biggest graduating class yet. She received two associates degrees. One was an Associates of Arts and the other an Associates of Science. She plans to attend Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.

Crystal has worked hard to get this far. She is a mother of two and also works full time in insurance. Needless to say, she was excited and happy to achieve this. Her Dad, my brother Phillip, was also proud of her accomplishments.
After the graduation, we went to eat at Johnnie’s on 51st and Harvard. Everyone enjoyed gourmet hamburgers, french fries, onion rings (Phillip suggested trying these.) and our daughters enjoyed chicken nuggets. I had a nice surprise when I got to see Preston, Crystal’s brother who came from Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the graduation. Crystal’s brother, Kendall, was working about 3 miles down the road at a QuikTrip. We decided to give him a surprise visit. Mom came in first and requested to see him. Then we all talked to him for a short time. I asked him if he always works during this time so I could come back and “annoy”, I mean, visit him again.
It was a fun evening and we made some sweet memories. It’ll be a great reason to get together again when Crystal graduates with her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education:)

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