Sweet Baby Memories

Since Ginny and I attended my neice’s graduation, she relentlessly wanted to see my graduation robe. So we pulled it our with a bunch of other items.
Before I went to work on my manufacturing job, I was a stay at home Mom for five years. I had three little boys,about 18 months apart, who had potential to drive me crazy from time to time. When my third, Benjamin, was brought home from the hospital I had three little ones in diapers! Needless to say, Danny and I worked hard to get the oldest potty trained.

Three of my children learned to walk around the typical 1 year of age. The exception was Benjamin, he started walking around nine months. In fact, I wrote it down on our 1996 calendar. Benjamin was small for his age. When we went to the doctor his growth would always be in the smallest child range of the growth graph. When he learned to stand he looked like a three month old!
Here are the entries I discovered on a 1996 calendar that my husband had gotten for free from his job as an optician. Benjamin was born on June 3, 1995.
January 27– Benjamin stands alone for about 6-10 seconds for his Aunt Nancy
January 29– Benjamin stands alone for about 10 seconds
February 8– Ben pushes baby walker around (rather than riding in it)
February 9– Ben stands and then tries to take a step
March 17– We go to Mom’s house and Ben takes 8 steps
April 11– Ben prefers to walk rather than crawl
According to these entries I can calculate that Benjamin was nine months and fourteen days when he officially began walking at my Mom’s house on March 17.

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