Ranger Job: Wiring

The wiring area of our assembly line consists of six positions. The wiring team connects wires on the back of the range. They connect wires coming from the console and the oven. Just about all of these wires will be covered by a steel panel when the range is finished. They mostly have jobs where you can sit down. I liked the idea of sitting down alot but I know if I was in this area for awhile I would be fighting to stay awake a lot of the time. Phuoc, (They call him Fu-with a long u) was taking a day off so I was in his spot. Patty and Lindy kindly welcomed me to their area. I was behind Shane. A quiet young guy, probably about 20 who helped me greatly.

I would catch glimpses of his job when I could and then right before I rotated to his spot he would thoroughly go through all that I would need to do and then he would follow up his kindness by helping me when I didn’t get all my wires plugged in. He liked to talk. The frustrating part about this job is you can never hear everything someone says. So, although frustratingly true, I only heard part of his casual chat since half of my attention was focused on keeping up. But I still enjoyed joking around with Shane.
When I joke around with someone, I like to use exaggeration and sarcasm. And then I like to use big words. Then I watch for their response. If they get into that kind of humor, they’ll laugh hard. Then I’ll try harder to say something even more funny. Hey, trust me, you gotta joke around some way on our kind of job to get through the day!

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