Ranger Job: GOC

As a Ranger I was placed in the GOC area for about 45 minutes. I don’t have a clue what those three initials stand for. This area has two or three positions and the GOC is not on all our ranges. The GOC is an electronic control panel that is encased in a metal box on the back bottom left-hand side of the range.

The first person screws on the electronic panel. There are six wires we must connect to the panel. Officially, one person is to connect the wires and then put on the metal box covering with three screws. While I was there, we had three people in the area which made it easier. Something important that I need to remember about this area is to wear heelstraps to protect the electronic panel from harm.
I worked next to Marilyn for a little bit. After work when we were walking to the front doors. We were talking about what GOC stands for. Marilyn’s friend jokingly said it meant “Girls Out of Control”.

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