Ranger Job: Consoles

The console area for Assembly line #4 is mainly a girl area. Maybe that’s why Cody moved there from another area. I suspect this single guy loves the attention and enjoys joking around with the ten or so women on the team. There is one other guy, an older Phillipino guy, Ledo, who is also an unsuspecting funny guy.
A console is the top back part of a range which has knobs on it. There are usually four knobs and the electric control panel that is connected to the oven. Here’s a side note, in this area I have to wear heel straps. I think heel straps are cool. They make you look a little more important than those who just use screw guns! Actually, the heel straps prevent the electrical charge that a person can carry on them from being transferred to the electronic control panel where it can damage this expensive part of the range.

I am able to keep up in this area. What’s nice is ever so often when there is a gap in front of me because I’m somewhat behind the others are kind to do a few extra wires. I still try my hardest to keep up. The console area is not directly on the main assembly line. So they can afford to get behind some and then quickly catch up. Since I am usually responsible for 5 or 6 wire hook ups I am trying to figure out how I could be agile enough with my fingers to wire two hook ups at once.
My favorite job is the transfer of a console to the wiring area. The engineers got creative with this area. The metal frame of the console is put together on one side as it is assembled on a tailor made holder which can be flipped and transferred to the person across from them. Then that person takes the upside down console and places it on the console wiring assembly area. This person also places the finished wired consoles on a conveyor which will send it to another person who will put it on the range which is on our main assembly line. (Get all that? Modern technology is really interesting and amazing!) The console wiring area is interesting. It is built in an oval shape. And as each person finishes their wiring they manually push it to the next person. The only discrepency I have with this area is since it is enclosed what would happen if there was a fire and the 10 or so employees had to get out as fast as they could from the oval shaped enclosed area.

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