A Cute Christmas Recipe

I discovered an easy and fun recipe to fix for Christmas. I bought some almond bark because it was on sale for 99 cents at the Reasor’s grocery store a few miles down the road. Then I went home and started experimenting with it.

Basically, it is a covering you can put on a lot of different foods and it’ll still taste good. I hadn’t bought groceries for the week so I started digging through my cabinets. I found some Wheat Thins crackers. I crumbled them and mixed them with the melted vanilla almond bark. It was okay. My son, Samuel, put it with peanut butter. It was good. Then I went and bought a jar of marachino cherries with stems. This was a great combo. Here’s the specific recipe:
Almond Bark Cherries
3 10 oz jars of refrigerated drained and rinsed marachino cherries with stems
1 20 oz package of vanilla or chocolate almond bark
1 8 oz package of chopped pecans (optional)
Follow the directions of the package of the almond bark to melt it. Refrigerating the cherries will help the coating harden quicker. Hold the cherries by the stems and dip them in the melted almond bark. You can fully cover the cherries, or partially cover them to display the bright red of the cherries. You can even double dip them if you want. Then dip the cherries into the nuts just on the bottom. Place on waxed paper. Yields about 60
Wow, this recipe is like making homemade cordial cherries. But much better because you get a full cherry rather than only a part that is in the chocolate bonbon.

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