Read List in 30 Seconds

When I was in the insulation booth position in oven cavities, here’s a list of things that needed to be done:
Note: Oh, by the way, before you rotate to the insulation booth, find the time (as assembly line continuously moves in half minute intervals) to take off your gloves and safety sleeves, throw on a protective zip up body suit, put back on gloves and safety sleeves and then put on a face mask (Don’t knock off your safety glasses as you frantically do this!).

1. Plug in the red cord to the range on the left (that someone has kindly put on the assembly line for you!)
2. Punch out holes (one,two or three, depending on model) in back sheet of insulation (2.5’x5′ and 2″ thick)
3. Grab insulation piece and carefully toss it onto the back of the range laying face down (Make sure part of the insulation is slanted downward by the oven cavity bottom).
4. Pull small parts on range back through insulation–two tabs, bend straight up, one or two lightbulb backs, two or three wiring hookups
5. Grab second piece of insulation (2’x7′ and 2″thick) and wrap it around three sides of the oven cavity. (It can only be grabbed from the insulation pile in a specific way) Wrap the oven cavity from the left first, tucking it in as you go. Tuck in at the top, then by the door hinge, then go around the corner to the top of the range. Then finish wrapping on the left side. Grab the red wire and bring it through the slot in the insulation and then tuck it in. ( This would slow me down because I would forget to pull the red cord through before tucking it in.) Tuck in the insulation at the top on the left side and then tuck it in by the door hinge. Don’t forget to tuck the red cord on the corner near the top of the range.
6. And if there’s a tan cord on the left side of the range you will need to pull it out of the insulation too.
7. Oh, yeah, I must say, the guys were really nice and restocked for me but you’ll need to do all that and clean the area too(:
You may be thinking this just takes some getting used to. I suppose. It is humanly possible to do all this because many have went before me and have achieved such a mighty goal, whining and cursing only to their teammates. Soooooooo, instead I have the privilege of venting my aggravations to the world via my blog and letting you know basically, this job is ridiculous in the amount of work that must be done in 30 seconds!

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