Ranger Job: Mainback

On Day 2 of being a ranger I was sent to mainback. This area has about nine work positions on the assembly line. They mainly put on steel coverings on the back, sides, and underneath the oven. When the range reaches this area it is made of the front frame attached to the oven. And just like a big itchy present, the “oven box” has been wrapped in two big sheets of white fiberglass insulation.

With help from time to time I was able to keep up in all the areas except one. In this area you had to place a large pressed out sheet of metal on the back of the range. You had to insert two tabs, one on each side in the middle of the back, one at a time into a slot and let the person across from you put in a screw. Then you had to do four or five other things. Those around me told me putting the tabs into the slots was the hardest part even though it looked simple.
One of the work positions made me nervous. It was putting sheet metal on each side. Each side was held on by a single screw. I had to move fast and reach in between the ranges which were laying face down. When I would raise up I always had to be aware to not let my cheek brush against a 45 degree angle sharp corner. I also had to be cautious just in case the line moved. I asked Robert about this and when possible he tries to cover the corner with the glove he is wearing in order to remind himself that the sharp corner is there.
I enjoy the people on mainback. Alicia, who constantly wears a sweet welcoming smile, is the leader of the team for this month and is one of two girls on the team. She encouraged me to come back soon. I worked next to Ryan, he is quiet, calm, and nice. He didn’t mind helping me out whenever he could find some time. I also worked next to Mike, a guy that in his 40’s. I could tell he loved attention, joked around alot and would say dirty jokes if he knew he could get away with it. He’s the one that we could hear scream out the word from a song, “Roxanne” quite loudly over the roar of our noisy plant when I used to work in the side panel area. Even though this team does a job that alot of people would consider icky, it is obvious they have fun together. I like that.

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