Ranger Job: Front Frames

On my first day as a ranger I went to the area at the start of the assembly line. In order to make a range you have to start with some kind of frame. The steel frame we use is the dark gray porcelain facing that is around the oven and the storage drawer at the bottom of the stove. (Oops! Did I say stove? In our manufacturing plant it is an unspoken courtesy to not use that word.) The front frame team had about 7 positions.

I started out laying the front frame on the main line with a label that told the model of the range and it’s individual serial number. I did this well. I left no gaps. After that hour I rotated to a new position. I did okay there too. Front Frames consists of mostly older women. Two of the women, Dottie and Brenna have worked in our plant for several years. Dottie was great. I love it when I’m trying something new and someone comes along and bestows some of their knowledge and expertise upon me. I thought I was looking pretty good on the second position when Dottie says, “Looks like you’ve caught on good, now you can relax.” I didn’t think I was looking nervous but she sure was right and it helped me calm down.
I liked all the jobs in this area. And the ladies were welcoming to me. Since the line was slower than usual I talked with Brenna and found out that her big brothers went to Webster High school with my big brother and we also both knew some of their old friends. We both couldn’t believe we knew the same people from three decades ago in our childhood. Brenna also knew my friend Stacy, that I carpool with, in her childhood!
I only spent about four hours in this area and then I went to the place where the storage drawers are made. I liked Front Frames because none of the jobs were overwhelming. But I would prefer more variety in the mix (young and old, men and women) when it comes to the workers.

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