Running Reduces Cancer Risk (Duh!)

I just read an article I want to tell you about.* Every few months Claremore Regional Hospital in Claremore, Oklahoma, sends out a free magazine. This time the article was about exercise and they listed several reasons why breaking a sweat is a good thing. The title was Break a Sweat to Reduce Your Cancer Risk! It said “Inactivity and a poor diet cause more than 180,000 U.S. cancer deaths each year.” The American Cancer Society recommends getting 30 to 45 minutes of exercise 5 or more times a week. The article said people who exercise have a better working body. Unlike sedentary people, those who exercise have:
–a healthier body weight and lesser fat, especially around the abdomen
–better blood sugar control
–better hormone regulation
–faster digestion, which shortens the bowel’s exposure to toxins

–better control of possible tumor growth
–better immune function, including more cells that attack and destroy infected cells
–fewer bouts of depression, which may improve immune function
–higher levels of antioxidants, which defend against cell and DNA damage
The article also said in general, research shows that people who exercise tended to be non-smokers and consume more nutritious foods.
Whew, I need to get outside and get in some running while we’re having all this lovely spring weather!
*Health Quarterly, Claremore Regional Hospital, Spring 2006, page 3

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