Spring Day, March 31st

This morning at 5:45 am as Stacy and I walked into our manufacturing plant, I admired the day that was unfolding. The sky wasn’t a full black like a couple of weeks ago. It had a crisp blueness mixed in with the darkness left from the night. I could see that the eastern side of the sky had a peachish hue which always means the sun in all its bright blazing power would soon appear to the world as it awaits the new day to begin. I also noticed the three flags in front of the plant weren’t harshly unfolding in the wind. The wind was gentle this morning. I loved the peacefulness all around me. I wanted to participate in it. I told Stacy I wish I could run. To me running is best way to get involved, participate, relate and not miss out on God silently expressing Himself in a huge magnificent way to anyone around who would just stop to notice.

By 10am the day was beautifully there. The wind was still calm. The sun was bright with hardly any clouds in the sky. We got off early. It had been a four hour workday. I liked that and time went by fast. Stacy said she had to go home and clean. He cousins were coming to stay for a week. I went home and ate burritos that Jonathan fixed. Then I took a nap on our sectional couch as Danny, my husband typed away on his laptop working on his various internet business endeavors.
At around 6:15pm my four children and I ran down to the mailbox twice for some exercise. Danny was outside too talking to our neighbor’s daughter about the baby alligator snapping turtle she had just found. I like it when all of a sudden he’ll start spouting out interesting information about something I didn’t even know he knew anything about. And I liked to watch as the teenage girl intently listened hoping to learn important details in caring for her newly found pet.
At about 6:40pm we watched Destinos, a 30 minute program on the internet to help us learn Spanish. Then we ate nachos for supper like we always do on Friday nights.
I liked my day today. Work was okay, hanging out with my family was good, and I got some sleep.

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