Family Bible: Week of 3.19.06

Hey, did you know Joseph was ruler second only to Pharoah, King of Egypt? Did you also know he spent time in prison after being falsely accused?
And did you also know Moses survived a baby massacre because Pharoah’s daughter found him floating in the river in a homemade basket and then she took the baby and with the encouragement of Miriam (Moses’ big sister) she allowed his real mom to nurse him?
You just gotta read more this week!:

1. Bible stories
Joseph sold to Egypt Genesis 37:12-36
Pharoah has two dreams Genesis 41
Joseph’s brothers go to Egypt Genesis 42–45
Moses is born Exodus 1:8-2:10
God calls Moses Exodus 3:1-15
2. Hymn of the week: I Will Sing the Wondrous Story
3. Bible Memorization: Romans 6:11-14
4. Family prayer: about 5 minutes

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