He Died for our Freedom

Outside my bedroom window there is a field. Sometimes when I get up in the morning I look out. I just want to look at it. It’s so peaceful. An empty field where the grass grows long and wild. I enjoy the quietness as I watch the wind gently bend the now golden blades of varied lengths.
I then breathe a small sigh of relief as I study the familiar scenery. Yeah, it’s still there. I mean freedom. Then I say a small prayer. Thank you, God, I’m an American and thank you America is still free today.

I hate the war on terror and I regularly pray with my children that it would come to an end very soon. I also pray that no soldiers would die today and the terrorists would be captured and destroyed. I pray too that God would comfort the families who have lost soldiers.
Most recently, my husband received an email about a soldier who was killed. His name was Army Sargeant Rickey Jones from Indiana. He was 21 and like many of our fallen heros he was killed while in a humvee by an improvised explosive device near the road. This occurred on February 22 and his funeral will be Monday, March 6.
But the family of Sargeant Jones have suffered even more than losing him. After he died the family’s house was egged and they received a rude phone call. The family is concerned that their will be protestors at the funeral.
If you want to send a letter or post card offering support and encouragement to the family, email Lauren Steckler (MyWay716@aol.com), and she’ll give you instructions about how to send them so they’ll be forwarded to the family.
Hat tip: Gribbit’s Online

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