Family Bible Study

“We had Bible reading and prayer right after supper, even before I cleaned up the kitchen,” says Mrs. Graham. “We all got down on our knees and prayed, yes we did, sometimes from twenty to thirty minutes. That was the main event of the day in our house.”* Billy Graham’s mother gave a peek into her family life when her son was young through that quote. Surely God would smile down on such dedication as their entire family gave regular disciplined time to the One who made them a family.

I want God to smile down on me and mine. I imagine if ever He did that I would feel the greatest peace inside and at the same time I would have a joy that I knew didn’t come from my surroundings.
I’m trying to do a regular Bible study with my children. You’re are sooooooooooooooooooo invited to join us. It consists of four different things, reading a Bible story from the King James Version each night, a hymn for the week, a Bible passage from our church for the month, and a prayer. I’m excited that this has come together quite well. We do this before bedtime.
Oh, and just in case you ever wanted to hear some godly preaching you might would like to listen to KCFO (its on the internet) on Sunday morning at 8am. Our preacher, John Barnett from Tulsa Bible Church gives much interesting insight into the Bible in his weekly sermons.
Here’s what I have planned for this week:
1. Bible Story
God tests Abraham Genesis 22:1-19
Isaac and Rebekah Genesis 24
Jacob and Esau are Brothers Genesis 25:19-34
Jacob Gets the Blessing Genesis 27:1-40
Jacob Has a Dream Genesis 28:10-22
2. Hymn of the Week Fairest Lord Jesus
3. Bible Passage of the Month Romans 6:11-14
4. Prayer
*The Family Album by Ruth A. Tucker, page 197, 1994.

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