Amazing Stories of the Bible (Cont’d)

I hope you join me this year in reading all 110 of the great and interesting stories of the Bible. (I really mean it!) You would have no regret in doing so. I read the 4 Gospels to my children last year and now they’re ready for a change. Oh yeah, one more important detail, don’t forget to say a quick prayer before you read a story, ask God to help you learn what you need to know from it. If you read them, may the words truly come to life for you and even change you in amazing ways! 🙂
Here’s the list:

An angel visits Mary Luke 1:26-38
Jesus is born Luke 2:1-7
The shepherds worship Jesus Luke 2:8-20
The wise men visit Jesus Matthew 2:1-12
Baby Jesus is taken to the temple Luke 2:22-40
Jesus’ family escapes to Egypt Matthew 2:13-23
The boy Jesus visits the temple Luke 2:41-52
Jesus is baptized John 1:29-34
Satan tempts Jesus John 4:1-13
Water becomes wine John 2:1-11
A sick man’s friends help him see Jesus Luke 5:17-26
Jesus teaches Nicodemus John 3:1-21
Jesus talks to a woman at a well John 4:4-32
A nobleman has great faith John 4:46-54
Jesus calls his disciples Mark 3:13-19
Jesus preaches on a mountain Matthew 5:1–7:29
Jesus calms a storm Mark 4:35-51
A dead girl lives again Mark 5:21-24,35-43
A sick woman is healed Mark 5:25-34
John the Baptist is killed Mark 6:17-29
Jesus feeds five thousand people Mark 6:30-44
Jesus walks on water Mark 6:45-51
Jesus heals a man born blind John 9:1-41
The good samaritan Luke 10:25-37
Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead John 11:1-46
Do not worry Luke 12:22-34
A sheep is lost Luke 15:1-7
A coin is lost Luke 15:8-10
A son runs away Luke 15:11-32
Jesus heals ten men Luke 17:11-19
Jesus blesses the children Mark 10:13-16
A young man comes to Jesus Mark 10:17-31
Zacchaeus climbs a tree Luke 19:1-10
Jesus enters Jerusalem Luke 19:28-34
Jesus eats the last supper Matthew 26:17-30
Jesus prays in the garden Matthew 26:36-56
Peter denies Jesus Matthew 26:69-75
Jesus is on trial Matthew 27:1-30
Jesus dies on the cross Matthew 27:31-56
Jesus is buried Matthew 27:57-66
Jesus comes back to life Luke 24:1-12
Jesus talks to two men Luke 24:13-25
Jesus appears to his disciples Luke 24:36-53
Jesus goes to heaven Acts 1:4-11
The Holy Spirit comes to the people Acts1:12–2:47
Saul (Paul) begins to follow Jesus Acts 9:1-19
Peter escapes from prison Acts 12:1-17
Paul and Silas sing in prison Acts 16:16-40
Love is the greatest gift I Corinthians 13
The Lamb is worshipped Revelation 5
The new Jerusalem Revelation 21:1–22:6
Jesus is coming again Revelation 22:7-21

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